Saturday, March 5, 2011

Entice by Carrie Jones

Nick is in Valhalla and no one can get to him. Zara is now a Queen.....of the pixies and Astley is her King. As Zara struggles to deal with her new pixie self, she's always trying to stay alive, since someone wants her and Astley dead. She is desperate to find a way to Valhalla and save Nick, whatever the cost. Somewhere along the line Astley wants to be more than friends with her and patiently waits and helps her to find Nick.

I really loved the third installment. Each bit of the story just gets better. Cannot wait for book 4. As much as I like the Nick/Zara relationship, I think I have to root for Astley. In this book he became a little more human and we got to know more about his upbringing and his feelings towards Zara.

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