Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wereling by Steve Feasy

As far as werewolf stories go this one was mediocre. Trey doesn't realize he's a werewolf. He's living in a group home, wakes up one morning and his room is trashed and he doesn't know how it happened. Enter Lucien, a vampire, who saves Trey from the group home and an attack that probably would have killed him. Trey learns more about Lucien, Alexa and Tom as well as his parents and his werewolf side. I felt like this story really lacked something. I read it but it wasn't that interesting. Nothing drew me in making me really want to stick with it. The fact that the book was less than three hundred pages was my motivating factor.

The Vampire Diaries: Origins by L.J. Smith

Origins tells Stefan and Damon's story about how they met Katherine and became vampires. The main point of view was Stefan's. As I was reading I found myself comparing the book to the Vampire Diaries show. It's interesting how Katherine and her "crew" pretended that they weren't out to hurt anyone yet they do. Also interesting to see how it was Stefan who actually pushed Damon into becoming a vampire.

Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin

After reading Impossible, I am a huge fan of Nancy Werlin. I love the magical aspects entwined with real life. But unfortunately, this book just didn't do it for me. I didn't really enjoy the fairy aspects and didn't relate to the characters. At times the male lead was too controlling and verbally abusive for my tastes. The whole idea was for the main female lead to doubt herself but I didn't enjoy the way it came across. For several chapters the story was very cryptic and hard to follow.