Wednesday, October 27, 2010

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

Amanda and Leo have always spent their birthdays together. On their tenth birthday, they have a huge fight and don't speak to each other for a year. They get caught up in this weird time loop, where they celebrate their eleventh birthday for many days in a row. Desperate to figure out how to stop it, they make up and work together to try and break the spell.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schieber

Sounded like a really cute story. Nope. It wasn't. I've read quite a few YA books lately. Most of them had depth, interest, and a great story. Plus they didn't read like YA books. This book had none of that. It was extremely juvenile, definitely had some gaps in the plot line, and apparently it's a series. Not one I'll continue reading that is.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

Bethany, Gabriel and Ivy are Angels on a mission. They have come to Venus Cove to stop the Agents of Darkness. While Gabriel and Ivy are able to distance themselves from the humans, Bethany finds it more difficult. She enjoys the human experience as a 17 year old girl and falls in love with a human boy, Xavier. Together they battle Jake, a agent of Lucifer.

I originally chose this book because the cover is beautiful. I still love it. I enjoyed the story as well. It's told very simply. The writing style is simple but easy to read and follow. Bethany is very inexperienced but I enjoyed her innocence. Definitely a book worth reading.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dark of the Moon by Rachel Hawthorne (Dark Guardians #3)

Brittany goes off by herself for her transformation. No one has claimed her as their mate so she's determined to go it alone. Full moon comes and goes and Brittany is still human. Connor, now free of Lindsey, is who she really wants to be with. But after learning some shocking information, she isn't sure that it's possible. Plus the shifters are still trying to battle a medical company, determined to find them, possess their uniqe abilities and share them with the world.

I've really enjoyed this whole series (and excited there's a fourth book). It's a quick easy read. Plus "shifters" (aka werewolves) are the main focus. All the characters are believable and easy to identify with. Hawthorne has a very easy writing style that makes the story flow smoothly. I really liked Brittany and Connor's story. Different than the other books for sure.

It's Raining Cupcakes by Lisa Schroeder

Cute story of a thirteen year old girl, desperate to see the world. While her parents are trying to open a cupcake shop, she enters a baking contest with a grande prize of traveling to New York City. Cute easy read, with cute chapter titles (all types of cupcakes).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer (#3)

New York City. The moon has been hit and knocked out of it's orbit. Tidal waves, tsunami's, destruction, death, and unseasonably cold temperatures. The third installment is from Alex's perspective (who isn't introduced until book two).  Alex is struggling to take care of his two sisters during this now life changing event. His mother and father are gone without a word. His older brother is somewhere with the Marines. Alex is trying to keep his family safe and alive as the world struggles to live with the aftermath of the moon's new orbit.

The first book, Life as We Knew it, was written in journal form from the perspective of Miranda. She's a teenager trying to deal with a new life. This third book takes place at the same time of the first book but from Alex's point of view. When I started this series, it honestly scared me to death. Made me wonder if something like this could really happen? Made me seriously want to start buying extra food at the grocery store each week just in case. I think it was scarier because it is a realistic story. We could live through an apocalyptic event and have to struggle. I would like to think that I'd be as strong as these characters, but I doubt I would.

This third installment is just as interesting (and scary) as the first. I've really enjoyed reading about how these characters somehow keep going through such terrible times.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My first award

So I was awarded this AGES ago. Yes I realize I probably broke the chain, list, or whatever it's called. Just now discovered that I never REALLY did respond to this. So, here goes..........

Awarded to me by Becky ( thank you so much, who has an awesome blog!

Seven Things About Moi:

1. I have twin boys.
2. I love to bake and read (yes I'm a bit obsessed with both).
3. I have a love hate relationship with my job.
4. My brother truly is my best friend.
5. I have a small and zany family (if zany even best describes them).
6. I am totally obsessive compulsive about things.
7. I still sleep with my stuff bunny and not afraid to admit it.

I know I'm supposed to pass this on....but I don't even know of 15 bloggers to pass it on to!

Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast (House of Night, book two)

Zoey is now the leader of the Dark Daughters. As the year goes on, she struggles with her feelings for Heath (which have been made more complicated by her imprinting him), Erik (her "boyfriend") and the new poet laureate, Loren. Zoey loses her best friend to the change and while mourning that loss, realizes that Nefreet really isn't as wonderful or trustworthy as she seems.

This is a good continuation of the series. I hate that they "killed" off Stevie Rae, as she was one of my favorite characters. It is tough to see Zoey face this loss while realizing that her new world isn't really what is seems. The new character Loren, seems a little too good to be true and makes me wonder what his real angle is. While the highlight of the book for me continues to be Shaunee and Erin, who call themselves "twins" when in fact they are as opposite in looks as can be.

Looking forward to reading book three.