Thursday, June 16, 2011

Invincible by Sherilyn Kenyon (#2)

Nick is learing how to use his powers and finds out what his life is truly supposed to be. Trying to recover from the zombie attack, Nick know has to worry about who and what is trying to kill him, while trying to deal with his feelings for Nekoda, protect his mom and work for Kyrian. At the end Nick finally connects the pieces and finds out an interesting piece of information!

I'm in love with this series. I love Nick's sarcastic and snappy comebacks and humor. He always has a smart word and it's usually pretty funny. There were several times I laughed out loud becuase it was that funny. Another character that I really like is Simi. She's a demon but very odd and has a way of coming across as innocent, evil, hilarious and just strange all at the same time. I really enjoyed Nick's new powers and the secret he finally realizes in the end.

Married For a Month by Susan Mallery

Taylor and Jonathan are two psychologists with two very different theories on love and marriage. They also happen to have had a relationship in the past that ended badly. They test their theories with couples who are in the "game" to also win a million dollars.

Love this book too! Cute story, love the characters!

The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen

This was my first Sarah Addison Allen book that I've read. I read it because it was my book club's montly selection, the cover is pretty and the story sounded interesting. As soon as I started reading it, I fell in love with the writer's style. I loved the characters. Willa, keeps checking on progress as her old family home is being restored for a grand showing to the town. Paxton, desperately in love with her best friend Sebastian who not only knows that she loves him, loves her back but is just too scared to try. Then the little murder mystery thrown in just ties this book together and creates a wonderful journey through these people's lives.

Bumped by Megan McCafferty (#1)

Bumped is a story of girls (teenagers) who get pregnant (bumped) for profit. There are professional "donor" who make money by bumping girls. Two categories exist: professional bumpers (which you can only be until age 18 due to the "virus") and amateurs (who just happen to get pregnant then hope someone will want the baby).

This was such an odd and disturbing concept to me. In theory I guess this would be a way to help others, but the fact that these girls get pregnant when they are super young, idolize those that do and comment negatively on those that can't, and then get money for it is sort of sickening. I like that the main character in the end realized that she really didn't want to bump for money. Her twin sister inadvertently got "bumped" in trying to save her sister by lying to the "donor." I'll definitely read the second book but not sure this is appropriate for a young adult audience. I wouldn't let my young adults (if I had any) read it.

Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery

Pia's best friend has just passed away. As part of her will, Crystal has left Pia three embroyos that she must now decide to use or not. Raul is hiding away from life, after some bad breaks. He offers Pia a "marriage deal." They get married, he's around to be a father and help with the babies, but at a distance. He's not looking to fall in love after being burned in the past.

Loving these Fool's Gold romances! Cannot wait for the next three!