Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

I tend to be a little obsessed with my werewolves and other paranormal/fantasy type creatures. This is no exception. I LOVE this book! Calla is part of a society that basically tells her how to live, who to marry and mate with (yes she's a werewolf). But Calla meets someone who makes her rethink her way of life and want to follow her heart, despite the major conflicts she goes through. She has a tight knit pack of friends who are basically an extension of her family. She is expected to be mated (or part of union) with Ren, an alpha male from another pack. Together she and Ren will create a new pack. But a chance encounter with Shay makes Calla start to think about her true feelings for Shay and Ren, her feelings about being told how to live her life and she starts to question the truths that she has believed for so long.

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