Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

Clara didn't fulfill her purpose and now she has no clue what that means or what will happen. She's in love with Tucker and can't imagine giving him up, but realizes Christian plays a huge part in her future. She struggles with making the right choices and fighting her destiny. When she discovers her mom is dying then everything changes.

When I read Unearthly, I thought it was okay. Didn't love it, didn't dislike it but just thought it was so so. I had a hard time remembered what had happened in that book when I started this one. I really enjoyed this one much more. I was rooting for Christian the whole time. He understands Clara, has so much in common and of course he is her destiny. Tucker can never understand her angel side. I felt bad for him because she was pushing him away but he had no idea how to realate.

The suprise for me was finding out about Jeremy's purpose. Didn't know he had one because they never wrote from his perspective just showed that he was acting strange.

Overall this was a great book!

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