Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa De La Cruz

Book four in the series picks up one year later. Lawrence is dead. The conclave thinks that Schulyer is guilty. She and Oliver are on the run. Schuyler ended her secret relationship with Jack, but runs into him again in Paris, and the feelings are still there for the both of them. Mimi is headed out with the venators, looking for Jordan, who was taken from the family after being discovered as the Watcher. Bliss is having a hard time coping with the fact she is carrying the "Visitor" inside her. She realizes that the Visitor is responsible for all of the horrible things that have happened. Through the Visitor, she has corrupted others, and now carries many souls within her.

Happy to say that book four doesn't disappoint. I am just in love with this series. Why you ask?

Top 10 reasons to love the Blue Bloods series:

2. Adventure
3. Theory of vampires really being fallen angels from heaven is awesome!
4. Jack and Schulyer and their relationship (and the fact that he is "bonded" to someone else)
5. Exotic locations to travel
6. Oliver (I really feel for him, being with someone who doesn't truly love him)
7. References to historical events, with angels and Lucifer as the characters
8. Cycles of life: being able to live more than one life
9. The non gross factor of vampires who feed (minus all the nasty descriptions of blood)
10. There are many characters that you love to hate (Mimi)

Reasons I don't like the series (just one, I promise):

Jack and Mimi's relationship in their current "cycle." They are bonded angels, but in their current lives came back as twins. The descriptions about how they look at each other, etc is a little hard to take because they are often referred to as brother and sister. That's just weird and creepy!

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