Saturday, October 2, 2010

My first award

So I was awarded this AGES ago. Yes I realize I probably broke the chain, list, or whatever it's called. Just now discovered that I never REALLY did respond to this. So, here goes..........

Awarded to me by Becky ( thank you so much, who has an awesome blog!

Seven Things About Moi:

1. I have twin boys.
2. I love to bake and read (yes I'm a bit obsessed with both).
3. I have a love hate relationship with my job.
4. My brother truly is my best friend.
5. I have a small and zany family (if zany even best describes them).
6. I am totally obsessive compulsive about things.
7. I still sleep with my stuff bunny and not afraid to admit it.

I know I'm supposed to pass this on....but I don't even know of 15 bloggers to pass it on to!

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