Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hex Hall (# 1) by Rachel Hawkins

This was such an easy read! Plus it has a great storyline. I truly fell in love with this book!

Hecate (or Hex Hall as it's know) is a reform school for witches, fairies, and shifters.  Sophie gets sent to Hex Hall for attempting a love spell for a school mate, but it goes very wrong. This story is another twist on angel folklore. In this version, angels were cast out. Some of the angels hid away and became fairies. The angels that lived among animals became shape shifters and the rest became witches because they interacted with humans. Sophie joins Hex Hall and is suddenly thrust into a sticky situation. Her roommate, a vampire, has been blamed for killing a student. Three dark witches want her to join their coven, but Sophie has a bad feeling about them so she turns them down. Add to the mix that her father, who she has never met, is head of the Council and reponsible for sending her to Hex. All of the students think she's spying for her dad but really she's trying to make it through. Then she develops a crush on Archer, who is hiding a big secret. Sophie learns more about her family history and what she does leads her to make a huge decision that could kill her.

This was a well written story. Fast paced, full of action and lots of magic! Definitely loving the series and looking forward to book two!

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