Friday, May 6, 2011

Burned by P.C. Cast (House of Night, book 7)

Zoey's soul has shattered over the loss of Heath. She can't pull herself together and doesn't want to lose Heath ever. Stark feels guilt over not being able to save Zoey when she needed him most. He feels like a failure. Stevie Rae is harboring a dark secret. She has some sort of strange relationship with the Raven Mocker she has saved. Aphrodite is trying to help save Zoey through her visions.

I think this is my favorite House of Night book to date. There wasn't anything I disliked. Zoey has been shattered. Stark is willing to do anything to save her. Even become a guardian knowing she may not love him the way she loves Heath. It was sad to lose him as a character but he's human and eventually would have to leave Zoey's vampire world. As usual, Aphrodite continues to amuse with her witty and not so nice comments to everyone around her. The ending was by far my favorite part. But I won't spoil that for those who haven't read it yet. :-)

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