Sunday, May 15, 2011

Evernight by Claudia Gray

Evernight Academy is strict and unwelcoming. Bianca feels like an outsider, but is instantly drawn to Lucas, after he tries to "save" her in the woods. She and Lucas have a strong bond after he is bitten by a vampire. Of course, to add to the drama, there is a vampire hunter who has infiltrated Evernight to figure out Mrs. Bethany's secret agenda.

I enjoyed this book. It wasn't a quick read but up until the middle of the story I thought Biance was a regular girl, stuck in a boarding school. So by the middle of the book when Bianca's true nature was revealed, I was extremely surprised (in a good way). What I found interesting about this vampire story is that there is another element that I've never heard of. In this story, a vampire can be born, but this is a rare occurance. I'm used to the normal vampires bite you, you turn, etc. So this was  neat change.

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