Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bumped by Megan McCafferty (#1)

Bumped is a story of girls (teenagers) who get pregnant (bumped) for profit. There are professional "donor" who make money by bumping girls. Two categories exist: professional bumpers (which you can only be until age 18 due to the "virus") and amateurs (who just happen to get pregnant then hope someone will want the baby).

This was such an odd and disturbing concept to me. In theory I guess this would be a way to help others, but the fact that these girls get pregnant when they are super young, idolize those that do and comment negatively on those that can't, and then get money for it is sort of sickening. I like that the main character in the end realized that she really didn't want to bump for money. Her twin sister inadvertently got "bumped" in trying to save her sister by lying to the "donor." I'll definitely read the second book but not sure this is appropriate for a young adult audience. I wouldn't let my young adults (if I had any) read it.

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