Thursday, June 16, 2011

Invincible by Sherilyn Kenyon (#2)

Nick is learing how to use his powers and finds out what his life is truly supposed to be. Trying to recover from the zombie attack, Nick know has to worry about who and what is trying to kill him, while trying to deal with his feelings for Nekoda, protect his mom and work for Kyrian. At the end Nick finally connects the pieces and finds out an interesting piece of information!

I'm in love with this series. I love Nick's sarcastic and snappy comebacks and humor. He always has a smart word and it's usually pretty funny. There were several times I laughed out loud becuase it was that funny. Another character that I really like is Simi. She's a demon but very odd and has a way of coming across as innocent, evil, hilarious and just strange all at the same time. I really enjoyed Nick's new powers and the secret he finally realizes in the end.

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