Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Could be I"ve blogged about this book before. Definitely too lazy to look through my blog to see. But I love this book!

Patch and Nora. Love, love, love them. Patch, who tends to be sarcastic, inappropriate and passive/aggressive is an interesting character in that he comes to find Nora for a specific purpose. To kill her. He's desperate for a human body and knows of the "rumor" from the book of Enoch. So he has a plan. One flaw in the plan is that he can't seem to go through with it. Nora is a great character too. She isn't whiny or self absorbed. She's a good student, good friend and is fiesty. She goes toe to toe with Patch, despite her fear of him, but doesn't back down.

There were a few different twists in this angel story. First new thing I've heard is that angels cannot feel. Patch cannot feel physically but still can emotionally. This is the reason for possessing human bodies. Another interesting thing was Nora being able to see Patch's past by touching his scars. I thought this was definitely a unique detail, one I've never heard.

Another book with a beautiful cover (that I hope my blogger will allow me to upload).

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