Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith

First book in a werewolf (well actually were everything: oppossum, armadillo, cat, get the idea) and vampire series. I love vampire/werewolf stories. I"ll read any type. But this one.....well let's just say it wouldn't top my list of my favorite all time reads. I don't even think I would say that I really liked it. There were many things wrong with this book. First and Foremost, the main character gets "turned" by drinking spiked wine (yes, spiked with blood). When I say "she", I mean the main female character, who's name I cannot even remember despite finishing the book an hour ago. That's how memorable it wasn't. So going along with the spiking, the main character is not of legal age to drink. So for everyone in the book to see her drinking and not bat an eye, well that's just sad. Then comes the werewolf aspect. The main male character Kieren (he was far more interesting) is a hybrid. Part wolf, part human and cannot even fully transform. Boring. Then throw in the aspect of trying to re-open her family's restaurant with a vampire theme, and things just get worse.

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